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How Pressure Mapping Can Benefit Your Sleep

How Pressure Mapping Can Benefit Your Sleep

The truth is a majority of shoppers are clueless about navigating the process of mattress shopping. There are many unknowns and factors, exacerbated by the fact that many of us do it so seldomly in our lifetime.


What really constitutes an ideal bed? What factors do you consider when choosing your mattress? What should you look for? What should you look out for?


One tool to help with mattress selection is pressure mapping, a technology that can help you achieve a better idea of what epitomizes a suitable mattress, translating to better sleep.


What is Pressure Mapping?


Pressure mapping is a computerized tool for measuring how weight is distributed across the surface of a mattress.


Pressure mapping is not exactly new to the industry. The technology has been used to design, evaluate and test mattresses, and by 2013 it was used to help match consumers with the right mattress according to their needs.


Pressure mapping is very useful in determining pressure points on a mattress that could lead to poor quality or even painful sleep, reduced mobility, or intensify the sleeper's symptoms and issues. 


The Science of Pressure Mapping


Pressure mapping is done by placing a grid of sensors underneath the sleep surface to detect the subject’s points. The sensors are made of pressure-sensitive material, usually of piezoresistive (piezoelectric) crystals.


A thin, flat sensor mat is placed on the mattress top and when the subject lies down on the surface, the mapping system creates an image of the individual's pressure profile. The tool charts and determines where the pressure is applied on different areas as the person lies across the surface.


When a mattress is designed, pressure mapping is used to chart areas that will support the person or persons using it. Not all areas hold equal weight: the torso and buttocks are the heaviest while the head, feet, and knees are lightest. Pressure mapping determines the right support for the different zones of the mattress.


Why is Mapping Pressure Points Important?


Every mattress has a unique set of features designed to support and comfort the different areas of the body, ensuring people who sleep in various positions are as comfortable as possible.


Zoning is an important factor in mattress design. Since certain areas of the body need more support than others, a mattress should not be uniform. Certain zones will require heavier coils, firmer foams, or extra layers. Pressure mapping helps in configuring zones more efficiently.


Pressure mapping also tests the actual comfort and support levels of the mattress, thereby improving the quality of the product. It is through pressure mapping the right materials and configurations are identified that will work best for different people according to their gender, weight, height, body type, among other factors.


Pressure mapping plays a significant role in shopping for a mattress because it takes out the guesswork. The customer simply fills out a profile, lies down on the surface, and in a few minutes you have the results. Based on the findings, the sleep specialist can make the right recommendation for you.

How Majestic Beds Utilizes Pressure Mapping Technology


MajesticBeds employs pressure mapping technology to design, evaluate, test, and ultimately match and market mattresses to end users. Our goal is to find the right mattress designed for the rest needed to relieve the fatigue and pain associated with the user's symptoms.


For MajesticBeds, pressure mapping goes beyond the marketability -- it is essential in healthcare. Patients suffering symptoms from chronic illnesses or conditions may be unable to shift their positions, or those with restriction issues needing external help to move them periodically to prevent constant pressure from causing pressure ulcers or bed sores.


Clearly, not all mattress manufacturers are alike -- some do a better job of pressure mapping than others. One can check out the pressure mapping comparisons between a Majestic Sleep System and a leading competitor on this link.

Our subjects had various combinations of height, weight and pre-existing conditions for a broad range of results. In every test, the Majestic Sleep System delivered a far superior pressure profile, proving yet again MajesticBeds is the superior mattress brand for anyone looking to get the best sleep possible.


Invest in Sleep: Get the Right Mattress!

Sleep is your body's chance to recover from the day's stresses and a superior sleep surface can be powerful medicine. Better sleep promises better and more energized mornings. Taking control of how you sleep helps your holistic health in the long run.


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