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People are Switching to MajesticBeds - and Why You Should, Too

People are Switching to MajesticBeds - and Why You Should, Too

Life can get hectic: Between career, social and personal commitments, our days can quickly fill up, and before we know it, we get to our beds completely exhausted. Instead of falling immediately into a deep sleep, people end up tossing and turning during the night! What gives?

The quality of sleep you have will dictate the kind of day you wake up to, as well as your mental, physical, and general health in the long term.

Choosing the best mattress should be a top priority. The right mattress must address one's needs, issues, and symptoms such as the back, shoulder, neck pain, night sweats, among others -- so you wake up energized each morning.

People are switching to the superior mattress choice. Should you, too? Hear from our blog ambassadors on why you should make the switch to MajesticBeds now.


Jillian Williams
Professional Athlete and Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Gold Medalist


Paralympic gold medalist and athlete Jillian Williams (@jk_williams_07) shares how MajesticBeds has improved her sleep and comfort since her amputation:

"For the first time since my amputation, I (am now able to) lay in bed with zero back pain and wake up fully rested! This is HUGE because your girl is cranky with little to no sleep!"

Jillian brought the MajesticBeds mattress topper to the 2020 Tokyo Games with only great things to say:

"The mattress pad is so easy to travel with -- made my trip to Tokyo a million times better! I wish I had it while I was in college! MajesticBeds is so amazing and so willing to work with you!"


Jan Cornell
Silver is the New Blonde® Blogger and Age Positivity Influencer

"I do feel like a 'Queen' since I am now sleeping on a Majestic Bed and loving every minute of it." - Jan Cornell

Jan Cornell (@silver_isthenewblonde) has shared in her blog post "Ageless Active: Health - A Majestic Bed" that since they switched to MajesticBeds, the couple have gotten better sleep at night. MajesticBeds helped address her hot flashes and lower back issues, and his arthritis and joint pain issues.

"I would choose MajesticBeds for the fact that I want a cool and great night's sleep, so I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go for the day!"

Age does come with many symptoms such as menopause, hypertension, arthritis, back issues, and more. While people rarely talk about it, we're glad more bloggers are taking these topics to light, including age-positivity blog Silver is the New Blonde®.

Jan's biggest life-changing tip: "Invest in a mattress for your body and your needs. Work with a company that will educate you and listen to your needs." 

Briella and Caroline
Cerebral Palsy and Disability Advocate


Briella and Caroline (@briellaandme), shares: "Our daughter Briella has Cerebral Palsy and recently had spinal surgery so we knew we needed the perfect bed to support her growing body. MajesticBeds was great to work with to get the perfect customized sleep system just for her."

"We love our Majestic Beds as it's our perfect mattress for our family based on our symptoms! We were able to customize our mattress for the best, most restorative sleep, getting comfort and support where we need it most."

"Briella loves her Embrace mattress with Ergo Lux and Adjustable Base which helps give her the support when she needs to sit up and read or the adjustability to raise her legs. Having a customized bed for her gives her more independence and comfort when sleeping."

MajesticBeds are great for the whole family. "The whole family loves our Majestic Beds!" Caroline shares. "My husband and I love our king-size Embrace Mattress, too. It is also customized for our sleeping comfort, keeping us cooler and supported when we sleep."

See the video to hear Caroline talk about the benefits of a better sleep surface that has helped her daughter Briella, her family, and how it can help so many others!



Kate Lazarski
Detroit It Girl and Lifestyle Influencer


Everyone can benefit from better sleep at night, even those without diagnosed issues and symptoms. Detroit It Girl Kate Lazarski (@katelazarski) shares how MajesticBeds has changed how she sleeps:

"I used to toss and turn and not feel rested in the morning -- now I wake up refreshed and energized and actually wake up earlier without an alarm clock!! Plus, my back pain is completely gone."

"As happy as I am to get back to traveling again, there's truly nothing like sleeping in your own bed. I look forward to bedtime because of MajesticBeds. The quality of sleep can impact every area of health and well-being. Not sleeping well can increase sensitivity to pain as well as recovery from accidents or illnesses. Most of us blame a variety of factors on lack of sleep and overlook the actual mattress," Kate shares.


Dr. Eric Duncan a.k.a. The Wellness Doc, ​​Chiropractic Physician and Back and Neck Pain Specialist, personally uses and recommends MajesticBeds for his patients.

"MajesticBeds are the only beds I recommend for my patients because they deliver a great night's sleep by supporting the neck and back throughout the entire night. They make falling asleep and staying asleep possible for those in pain. Other beds may feel good to some initially, but they often still wake up sore."

He also highly recommends the Majestic Pillow for back and side sleepers. "As a doctor of 18 years, I have never recommended a pillow until I came across this pillow and started using it for myself."

See the video for yourself on Dr. Duncan's YouTube, The Wellness Doc:



Make the Switch, Invest in Sleep

Getting good quality sleep is heavily dependent on your sleep surface quality. If you're in the market for a new mattress, consider factors including mattress type, materials, pressure relief, support, and sleep position.

Make the switch for deep and restorative sleep -- it will do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Want to know more about sleep? Make sure to read our other blog posts!



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