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Sleep and Menopause: Sleep Tips for Women over 50 with Silver is the New Blonde

Sleep and Menopause: Sleep Tips for Women over 50 with Silver is the New Blonde

‘Menopause’ is a word that makes many women uneasy.


Most of us have a general idea of what to expect from being menopausal. A quick online search yields many uncomfortable symptoms, including moodiness, migraines, hot flashes, reduced sex drive and difficulty sleeping.


While these symptoms are well-known, the severity or intensity can be a very unpleasant surprise.


Menopause can feel lonely and scary -- and even though every woman experiences it at some point, no one wants to talk about it. Some may be in a state of denial, or too embarrassed to discuss it.


The lack of conversation surrounding menopause makes it even more crucial to talk about.


One of the most disruptive problems women report is sleep disturbances. Frequent insomnia is experienced by 61% of midlife women, according to the National Sleep Foundation.


For those going through menopause or already on the other side of this transition, dozing off can become quite a challenge -- making a good night’s sleep like an impossible dream. Should midlife women give up and resign themselves to a life of sleep deprivation, or is there hope?


We asked Jan Correll of Silver is the New Blonde® to help shed some light on sleep issues and solutions for women “of a certain age.”


Sleep Tips for Women Over 50


Jan describes experiencing, "severe night sweats and hot flashes and waking at all hours of the night." It's not uncommon for women over 50 to report getting by with 4-hours of shut-eye a night, and sometimes no sleep at all.


Lack of sleep can severely affect our daily waking life the next day, and beyond. It may cause us to feel irritable and anxious, as well as tired.


Does this sound familiar? Here's what you can do about it:


Lifestyle changes and sleep strategies will help.


Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake before you sleep -- these stimulants can take hours to leave your system and keep you from getting deep sleep. They also can trigger hot flashes.


Jan recommends doing a nightly regimen to relax and unwind. "I read every night and try never to look at my phone in bed."


Stick to a schedule, making sure to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day whenever possible. This will help regulate your circadian rhythms.


Relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, breathing, or taking a nice shower can help set the stage for sleep, and the routine will start to cue your body and brain that it's time for sleep.


In addition, lower the temperature in your bedroom, making it comfortable and cool so you aren't waking with sweats in the middle of the night.


Investing in Sleep

For menopausal women, it's shifting levels of progesterone and estrogen that cause hot flashes -- often the main reason for sleep disturbances.

If overheating is a problem, we recommend changing your sheets and linens first. Choose bedding that is lightweight and breathable, such as linen or bamboo, to wick moisture away from the body.

Jan's biggest life-changing tip: "Invest in a mattress for your body and your needs. Work with a company that will educate you and listen to your needs."

Jan shared about her experience more in-depth in her blog post, "Ageless Active: Health - A Majestic Bed". Hot flashes, coupled with lower back issues, meant she rarely had a good night's sleep. Even "Mr. Silver," who experiences arthritis issues, found himself frequently tossing and turning throughout the night. 

Jan and her husband discovered MajesticBeds, learning how our products can help address their different issues. (MajesticBeds mattresses have helped patients and people of all ages with the symptoms of arthritis, hypertension, fibromyalgia, physical disabilities and more!)


When the Corrells made the switch to MajesticBeds, they both immediately benefitted from alleviating symptoms and getting better rest.


"I cannot believe how much the hot flashes and back issues have improved -- along with my great night's sleep!" says Jan.


At MajesticBeds, we make it our mission to help people get the sleep they deserve, and we believe everyone deserves better sleep. That includes you, so contact us and speak to our sleep experts, who can help address your symptoms and issues to rest more peacefully at night.


We also want everyone to know more about this essential part of life and how to maximize its benefits. To learn the latest in sleep science, dig into these recent posts:




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