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Summer Slumber Tips

Summer Slumber Tips

Summer is a much-anticipated time of warm days and leisure activities like beach trips, traveling with loved ones, and relaxing outdoors.

Although it's fun under the sun, some people also find it difficult to sleep as the temperature rises during this hot season. Many factors contribute to this, including the physical discomfort of warm, humid nights. We may also be more likely to sleep less when exposed longer to daylight hours during the summer.

According to Everything to Know about your Circadian Rhythm, our sleep is affected by this natural internal cycle that dictates our sleep-wake pattern over 24 hours. Light and darkness signal our brain to activate certain hormones, making us alert or sleepy.

Want to get better sleep this summer?

Here are some helpful hacks to cool down, wind down and sleep comfortably:

Take a cold shower before bedtime.

Relax and take a refreshing rinse before going to bed to lower your body temperature if you're feeling hot. This can also help keep pollen and allergens off of your bedding!

Stay hydrated with chilled water within reach

Keep a water bottle or glass beside your bed and take a few sips before sleeping to lower your internal body temperature.

Have a cool sleeping environment

Use a fan or air conditioning to set the right temperature in your bedroom, low enough for you to sleep comfortably.

Adjust your sleeping position

Curling up to sleep may be a reason why you feel warm. Try dozing off with your arms and legs spread out, which assists your body in releasing heat instead of keeping it near your core.

Limit your light exposure

Have the best defense against early sunrises by adjusting the lighting you see in your room with dimmers, blackout curtains, or a sleep mask. You can "trick" your body into thinking it's bedtime by being in control of the amount of sunlight coming into your eyes.

Surround yourself in cool comfort

Sheets and pajamas: Wear loose and "breathable" cotton pajamas that will allow proper ventilation to help keep you cool so you sweat less. Use lighter colored bed sheets made of fabrics that allow airflow and moisture wicking.

Use MajesticBeds Sleep Systems to get the ultimate cool sleep!

Cooling bed accessories: MajesticBeds offers mattresses and pillows covered with cooling patented technology. As a bonus, you get advanced pressure relief for any body pains.

Our Majestic Beds Team Sleep Experts would be happy to advise you about relieving discomfort and getting a better, cooler, and more comfortable sleep. Visit our stores or check our website to shop here.

No Longer the Season of Sleeplessness

Get proper sleep all summer with these tips! You will feel more energized and ready to pursue your goals and fulfill your summertime bucket list.

Get Sleep Exclusives & Updates

Learning more about sleeping better - like how to find and make adjustments that will work for you. Check out our other blog posts to enrich your knowledge on sleep:

Our goal is to provide our community with the proper sleep products and use our expertise to help them obtain a truly restful, restorative night's sleep. No matter the symptoms or the needs, we are here to help you get a better quality of life through the power of sleep.
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