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The Importance of Sleep for Students

The Importance of Sleep for Students

How many hours of quality sleep did you skip this week?

Are you pulling all-nighters to cram for projects and assignments? Are you preoccupied with social gatherings or video games that keep you up past midnight?

Whatever the reasons, depriving yourself of sleep can take a toll on your mind and body. It can cause problems with mental focus, memory, mood, energy, and your ability to learn.

Studies have proven that shortened sleeping hours, irregular sleep/wake schedules, and poor sleep quality can affect academic performance for young people, from middle school all the way through college.

August is Back to School Month - the perfect time to set better sleep habits to improve your grades, your physical and mental performance, and your quality of life.


What Does a Good Night's Sleep Provide?

Proper rest improves your brain function and sharpens your memory, leading to improved decision-making, creative thinking and mental sharpness.

Getting enough sleep gives you the energy you need to do well on school tests and other assignments. Passing scores and higher grades can, in turn, reduce your stress, improve your relationships with your teachers, and make your parents proud.

Your health also relies on you getting enough quality sleep!

Sufficient rest promotes the body's natural production of germ-fighting white blood cells and cytokines, which reduce inflammation and support waking up without aches or pains. Taking care of yourself by having the right amount of sleep every day lets you build a strong immune system, and it can make all the difference in how you feel physically.

A restful night of sleep is well-known to improve your mood and attitude, as well. A habit of proper sleep can contribute to positive social interactions and an optimistic outlook on life.


How Much Sleep Should a Student Get?

The quantity of rest a person needs is largely dependent on their age. For children and young adults, getting seven to nine hours of sleep lets the body achieve proper sleep quality.

During times of extra mental and physical activity, such as when adjusting to a new school year, participating in athletics, or preparing for exams, this minimum should be strictly observed.

Ready to Get Better Sleep? Here Are 3 Tips to Help Students:

1. Avoid caffeine in the afternoon.

Keep away from coffee and caffeinated drinks in the afternoon and evening. This stimulant stays active in your system for hours, making it harder to fall asleep.

2. Dedicate your bed especially for sleep.

If you are lying in bed and having difficulty falling asleep, get up and do something relaxing until you feel sleepy.

Avoid using your bed for non-sleep-related activities like studying, reading, watching TV, or talking on the phone. This allows your body to associate the bed with slumber, and will help you drift off more easily at bedtime.

3. Have a routine and a sleep environment that works.

Ensure that your bedroom elements create a sleep-friendly environment so that when you're ready to call it a day, you can wind down and relax in peace. Dim the lights, draw the shades and tone down any sounds that can distract you.

Comfort is key, and the right bed can go a long way to support dozing off and staying asleep - which is why MajesticBeds was created.

We specialize in providing mattress, pillows, and bed foundations to help people achieve restorative sleep for a healthier, happier life - and we've been doing it for almost 30 years.

We offer customizable designs that relieve pain and discomfort while providing the durable support you need. Find the best sleep products that will work for you here.

The Bottom Line

Want to pass this school year with flying colors?

Sleep is essential to achieving success, academic or otherwise. It helps maintain good health and ensures you're working at peak performance.

Sleeping well lets you reap the benefits of an improved mood, a better attitude, and stronger memory skills, and gives you enough energy to finish each day strong.

We're here to help you achieve the best sleep you can get! Our goal at Majestic Beds is to provide our clients with revolutionary sleep products, and to let our expertise help you experience a restful night's sleep. No matter your symptoms or needs, we can guide you to find a better quality of life through the power of sleep.

For extra credit:

Stay updated and educate yourself further on how to enhance your sleep situation. Read our other blogs to enrich your knowledge of sleep!


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