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Rest Now, Pay Later.  Details

Financing for as low as 0% APR.

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Customer Reviews

Majestic Bed Testimonials (4 Mins.)

Steven - Chronic Lower Back Pain, Severe Neuropathy

Michelle - Lower Back Pain, Sciatica

Tom - Severe Shoulder Pain

Alex - Diabetes, Leg Injury

Mary - Back Pain, Joint Pain

Bill - Back Pain

Dr. Eric Duncan Discusses Majestic Bed Products

Dr. Eric and Alan Martens Interview

Dr. Eric Discusses Majestic Beds

Majestic Beds: Symptoms and Solutions

The Majestic Plus Mattress

The Majestic Solution 1 Mattress

The Majestic Embrace Mattress

The Majestic Fusion Topper

The Majestic Pillow

Interviews With Majestic Beds Founder Alan Martens

Cole and Charisma Interview with Alan Martens

Team Abri - Ewing’s Sarcoma, Amputee, Night Sweats, Neuropathy

Abri's Testimonial - The Majestic Embrace

Retail Beds Increase Pain, Majestic Beds Reduce It

Why We Designed the Majestic Embrace

The Impact on Neuropathy

How Majestic Beds Help Scoliosis

Briella and Me - How Do I Choose the Right Bed for My Symptoms

Dr. Griffin & Jon - Lower Back Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease, Joint Pain, Cervical Curve Damage

Lomas Brown - Chronic Neck Pain, Chronic Back Pain, Disc Issues, Joint Pain, Heat Issues

Majestic Beds Vs. Retail Mattresses

The Best Mattress for Your Symptoms

The History and Mission of Majestic Beds

Majestic Toppers

Majestic Pillow

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With an innovative blend of sleep technologies and proprietary comfort layers, Majestic sleep surfaces are deeply supportive, delightfully comfortable, and so durable they feel brand new for years to come.

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Majestic Series Mattresses

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Adventure Series Mattresses

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Majestic Toppers

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