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Rest Now, Pay Later.  Details

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Financing for as low as 0% APR. Details.

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Rest Now, Pay Later.  Details

Financing for as low as 0% APR.


Customized Sleep Solutions for a Healthier, Happier Life.

99% of Majestic Beds Customers Experienced Enhanced, Restorative Sleep

Doctor-Endorsed Sleep Systems

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Majestic Series Mattresses

Majestic’s proprietary technologies combine to create the sweet spot for healing and restoration. This series is the ultimate solution for sleepers who struggle with moderate to severe pain and regulating body temperature.

Majestic Series Mattresses

Providing Better Sleep for Over 30 Years

With up to 3 patented technologies & 1 proprietary comfort layer, the Majestic Series designs offer exceptional durability along with unsurpassed comfort and support that cannot be duplicated or imitated by any other company.

Ergo Series Mattresses

Looking for a mattress that will outperform a standard bed-in-the-box without breaking the bank? The Ergo Series is it. Introducing an affordable and sustainable option for anyone who’s ready to level-up their sleep game.

Adventure Series Mattresses

Restorative Nights for Adventurous Days.

The Adventure Series uses the same technology our nation’s most physical individuals swear by for restorative sleep. These mattresses fit easily in motorhomes and campers and can be custom-built for mobile living vans and buses. Effortless fit, maximum comfort, and restful sleep.

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Mattress Toppers

Majestic Toppers instantly provide relief from the painful counter-pressure caused by a poor sleep surface. A true orthopedic support system that increases proper spinal alignment for both back and side sleepers while minimizing pressure points and insuring unrestricted circulation. The result is deeper, healthier sleep has been achieved through the fusion of form and function.

Majestic Pillow

The Majestic Pillow™ uses a 2nd generation, breathable memory foam that gently conforms to the cervical curve to properly support the neck for both back and side sleepers. We optimized it to gently cradle your head while minimizing shoulder and muscle stress.

Adjustable Power Bases

When you have a mattress as supportive as a Majestic, only the most intuitive smart base underneath it will do. Our voice-controlled bases make getting into the perfect position easy to program and effortless to return to every time.

Contemporary III
Contemporary III

Contemporary III

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Bedding and More

Enjoy cool, clean protection with Majestic bedding.

Pillows and mattresses aren’t designed to be put in a washing machine – and that’s why protective covers matter. With Majestic mattress and pillow cooling covers, you can breathe easy and sleep deeper knowing that your sleep surfaces are guarded by heat-wicking chill technology and advanced botanical fibers. Pristine mattresses and pillows are yours for years to come.

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